The long traditions of Finnmirror

We are the largest mirror manufacturer in the Nordic countries, and one of the most significant fixture manufacturers in Finland. We manufacture Finnmirror decorative mirrors, Finnmirror bathroom fixtures, and Inaria sliding door cabinets. Established in 1923, the operation of our family enterprise combines long traditions, modern production technology and environmental consciousness. Our goal is to obtain the highest quality results possible in all our production. The quality is guaranteed by our almost 100 years of experience, genuine materials and responsible production.


The well-being of the environment has always been one of our core values. Our operations have always been developed with common sense, on a sustainable foundation. Our factory is located in the middle of an unpolluted Boreal forest landscape. We have ensured the well-being of our surroundings by investing in our own water treatment plant, among other measures. As a result of extensive design efforts, we have cut our solvent emissions down to zero.

We sort and recycle all waste generated during production. Our glass use is optimised by computerised production, significantly cutting down the amount of waste glass. Waste glass is recycled at a glass wool factory. Cardboard, paper and metallic waste are also recycled efficiently. Board and wood waste are incinerated in the city’s district heating plant.

In our product development, we consider the entire life span of the product and low energy consumption of the end product. The mirror we use is a new-generation environmental mirror, and heavy metals, such as lead and copper, have been removed. Ecological values and recyclability are important criteria for us in the product development and logistics of our packages. We deliver your custom-made cabinets to you, using environmentally friendly delivery. The development of environmental protection is also a key factor in our company’s overall strategy.


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